NOODLE SOUP is one of the most common foods in VIETNAM. The soup includes noodles made from rice and often served with basil, limes, cilantro, bean, sprouts, and peppers that are added to the soup by the customer.
 A famous VIETNAMESE writer considered PHO a delicious special food of VIETNAM. Nowadays, PHO is so popular that it is available on every street corner, everywhere in VIETNAM, from early morning to late at night. It is hard to find a street in VIETNAM without a PHO RESTAURANT. Not every restaurant can satisfy the strict requirement of VIETNAMESE gourmets taste. A good bowl of PHO must be tasty yet clear broth, noodles must be fresh and soft, herbs, spices, lemon, chili, and onion, the broth is the star of PHO. The flavor of the broth must come from simmering beef bones and sometimes chicken bones for many hours.
There are two kinds of PHO, PHO BO is beef or PHO GA is chicken. When you mix all of the herbs, spices, basil, noodles, beans sprouts, peppers, cilantro, and limes with the beef or chicken you have a colorful delicious dish. VIETNAM’S PHO has a specific flavor that you will never forget. PHO has a special attraction that is in no other dishes from VIETNAM that taste great also. If you have any questions please feel to ask us.
SUSHI is one of the most famous JAPANESE dishes outside of JAPAN and one of the most popular dishes among JAPANESE people. In JAPAN SUSHI is enjoyed daily and on special occasions such as a celebration.
At PHO APPLE VIETNAMESE NOODLE * JAPANESE and GRILL we are committed to serve two of the most popular dishes from popular dishes ASIA the way they are enjoyed all over the world. So, come and join us in discovering the taste you will never forget. PLEASE tell a friend, see you soon.

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